David Swenson, is probably as close to an ashtangayogacelebrity as you can come, with his books and videos spreading across the world, touring from city to city with his weekend workshops. This weekend the city of fortune was no less than DF where, through a series of forunate events, Clara and Kevin happened to be participating. 

Although two days or 14 hours is very little time to  capture the essence of ashtanga yoga (as David returned to mention that may be a journey of decades) the weekend was certainly a valueable experience due to Davids impressive practice and experience and ability as an instructor. Kevin and Clara both hope that they have have gained some valueable advice and experiences to bring back to The Yogahouse. Except for a guided practice of the first and parts of the second series, the workshop contained sessions of pranayama, bandhas and dristi, handstands, floating and flying (amazing as it sounds), inversions and the eight philosophical limbs of yoga. One of the greatest aspects of particpating  ceratinly was Davids humorous and unpretencious approach to the practice.