After recently having moved to more tropical latitudes I have encountered a set of new challenges in the practice. Not only does the heat make the muscles softer and the body sweat more, but the yogamat is also full of new disturbances. Moskitoes, ants and other bugs crawling on the mat gives ample oportunities to practice yogic qualities such as sense control and concentration. Being more of a beginner in my yogic path instead of practicing ahimsa (non violence) I purposely smash every ant that dares to put his tiny feet on my yoga mat, turning it into a virtual killing field. At first sight I found it rather contradictory to chant and practice while so obviously killing other creatures, but at another metaphoric level I found the killing field to be a rather apt description of the yoga mat. Every day that I step onto that square space is a day of battle. I step up to fight my demons, I struggle against my resistance, I combat my  fears. But in this fight I never come out as a conquerer, instead the intruders evaporate, instead of gaining ground I loose every time, the fool who fought her water mills, and it leaves me so much freer.