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On 22nd Feb 2012, the yoga house kitchen was transformed into a sea of red. Coincidentally, Chinese New Year eve and Sunday dinner fell on the same day, and our 2 Singaporean sisters decided to cook up a feast of dumplings, fried rice, fried veggie balls, summer rolls and tons of different salsas. The only requirement: Dress in something red, gold or dragon.The results?

Amid reading about our 2012 horoscopes and stuffing ourselves full with chinese food, we managed to take some photos of our awesome 1-5Q red clothes from the parkas. Just in case you were wondering, Kevin (left, in grey) is wearing a dragon shirt. Yes, he did follow the rules.

Of course, the food was gone in 45 mins…given that it took almost a week to prepare all the food, especially the dumplings, we should show our appreciation by introducing the chefs, Denise and Janice, and their helpers Dean (in the background) and Zac!

Happy chinese new year folks!

Supta Padangusthasana, the reclined bigtoe posture, begins from a reclined position on the mat. With the entire body in one straight line  with the legs together and hands on the thighs. With an inhalation lift the right hand upwards till it is straight above the shoulder and then the right leg straight upwards and grab the big toe. If you cant reach the big toe hold on the the ankle or use a strap.. With the exhalation lift the upperbody upwards to meet the leg using your abdominal muscles. Try to lift the entire upper body rather than pulling the leg more towards you. Eventually the chin touches the shin with the gaze directed towards the big toe. The left leg is fully active with the foot flexed and the kneecap lifted. After holding the posture for 5 breaths or more, inhale and lower the upperbody to the floor while still holding on to the bigtoe.

With an inhalation open the right leg to the right side keeping it straight. Let the left hand slide up to the hip and use it to ensure that you dont lift the left hip from the floor. Only move the right leg as far to the side as you can without lifting the left hip. If you are unable to keep the right leg straigt you can bend and hold on to the knee or use a strap. The head rotates to the left with the gaze directed to the side. The left leg stays fully active with th kneecap pointed upwards and the body leveled with both shoulders planted in the floor.

In some versions of the Primary Series the one side of Supta Padangusthasana ends here, while in other a third variation is added. Either the right leg is brought back to center and the upper body lifted to tough the chin to the shin with on inhalation and then released with the following exhalation. Or alternatively the hands are moved up to the heel and pulled downward with th eexhalation while leaving the upperbody on the floor. In the latter case the posture is held for five breaths or more. After completeing the right side, repeat the same movements on the left side of the body.

Supta Padangusthasana, la postura del dedo gordo del pie recostada, comienza desde una postura recostada en la alfombra de yoga. Con todo el cuerpo en una linea recta con las piernas pegadas y las manos on los muslos. Con la inhalacion levanta la mano derecha hacia arriba hasta una posision directamente sobre el hombro con la misma inhalacion levanta la pierna manteniendola recta y agarra el dedo gordo del pie.  Si no alcanzas el dedo, agarra la espinilla o usa una correa. Con la exhalacion levanta el torso utzilizando los musculos del abdomen. Trata de levantar todo el torso en vez de acercar la pierna hacia el. Finalmente la barbilla toca la espinilla y se dirije la mirada hacia el dedo gordo. La pierna izquerda sigue siendo bien recta con el pie flexionado y la rótula directionada hacia el techo. Despues de cinco respiraciones o mas inhala y baja el torso.

Con la inhalacion abre la pierna derecha hacia el lado derecho manteniendola recta. Deja la mano izquierda moverse hacia la cadera izquierda y utilizala para empujar la cadera hacia el suelo. Al punto que tienes que levantar la cader para seguir el movimiento con la pierna derecha hacia el lado derecho, para. Si no logras mantener la pierna estirada, dobla y agarra la rodilla u utiliza una correa. La cabeza se gira hacia la izquierda La pierna izquierda todavia es bien estirada con todo el cuerpo activo y los dos homoplatos colocados en el piso.

En algunas versiones de la serie primaria los movimientos de la familia Supta Padangusthasana del lado derecho terminan aqui, mientras en otras se continua con un tercer movimiento. Una opcion es regresar con la pierna derecho al centro y levanta otra vez la barbilla hacia la espinilla con la inhalacion, bajando imediatamente con la exhalacion que sigue. Otra variacion es agarrar el tobillo con las dos manos y empujar la pierna hacia el cuerpo, manteniendo el torso recostado el la alfombra. En el segundo caso se queda en esta postura por cinco respiraciones o mas. Despues de terminar todos los movimientos al lado derecho, haz lo mismo en el lado izquierdo.



Egg painting

Easter eggs


Rob entrando la cueva

La expedición a Cerro Quemado

The Yoga House in Xela is a living and practice space for yoga in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, located at 6-68, 9 Avenida, Zona 1 just a few blocks from Parque Central.

La Casa de Yoga en Xela, Guatemala, es un espacio para practicar yoga ubicado en 6-68, 9 Avenida, Zona 1, a unas cuadras del Parque Central en Quetzaltenango.