At the Yoga House we offer a few different types of yoga classes. In the Hatha yoga classes you get a basic introduction to the practice of yoga while the Ashtanga yoga classes are a more challenging, flow oriented practice. If you are a beginner and don’t have previous experience of Ashtanga yoga we recommend you to come to a basic Hatha yoga class first. Among the Hatha yoga classes the morning and evening classes are each an hour long and somewhat softer while the afternoon classes are an hour and a half and a bit more challenging. Among the Ashtanga classes Monday, Friday and Sunday are devoted to the Primary Series while we do Second Series Tuesday through Thursday.

At the house we have mats and all the equipment you need for your practice, all you need to think about is wearing clothes in which you can move freely. It is recommendable to avoid eating heavy food for at least an hour before coming to class to avoid feeling nauseous or heavy.

The teachers at the Yoga House are an international crew composed of people from Xela as well as other parts of the world. Our classes are therefore held either in English or Spanish or sometimes a combination of both.

En La Casa de Yoga ofrecemos unas varias estilos de clases de yoga. En las clases de Hatha yoga recibes una introducion basica de la practica de yoga, mientras las clases de Ashtanga son exige mas esfuerzo. Si eres principante y no tienes anterior experiencia de Ashtanga, te recomendamos que atiendas una clases de Hatha yoga primero. Entre las clases de Hatha yoga, las de la mañana y la noche son una hora y un tanto mas suaves, mientra las de la tarde son hora y media y un poco mas duras. Entre las clases de Ashtanga las de lunes, viernes y domingo consisten en la seria primaria mientra las de martes, miercoles y jueves consisten en la segunda seria.

En la casa tenemos alfombras y todos articulos que necesitas para la practica. Es recomendable que no comas comida pesada por lo menos una hora antes de la practica, para evitar sentir náuseas.

Los instructores de La Casa de Yoga forma un equipo internacional de personas de Xela igual como otros partes del mundo. Por eso las clases son en Ingles o Español o a vezes una mescla de ambos lenguas.